The Practice Management System is built on our Medical Billing and EDI applications. You can add appointment scheduling, EMR interfaces, document scanning/importing, lab results, and/or electronic prescribing.

Our modular application components are built in the same framework delivering the same look and feel

User-friendly interface to provide patient registration, charge entry, payment entry, insurance payment entry, statements, reports, and follow-up.


RSL is your clearinghouse for all ANSI 5010 claims. We support 837 (claim), 835 (remittance), 270/271 (eligibility), and 277 (claim status).

Our support covers all participating transactions. If the payer does not charge per transaction or per provider support covers the transaction.

For non-participating transactions, there are different subscription methods based on your volume.


We automate many functions in the system. We can reduce employee overhead on tasks the system can run for you.

RSL clearinghouse connection to send claims and receive downloads streamlines the process to submit the clean claims and get back reports, rejections, and remittance advice.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) drives payment entry and follow-up. ERA loads the payment information into your batch for payment posting. You review the issues that are flagged during the loading of the remit. This feature gives you the ability to review the payments before they are posted to the system. ERA drives secondary electronic, follow-up, tertiary electronic, and paper secondaries with a copy of the primary remit.

Same day eligibility submission in the morning before patients arrive will check the patients for active insurance. Full eligibility details available to check for copay, other insurance (i.e. Medicare OA109), and deductible remaining. Demand eligibility requests available off patient registration.

Quality Alliance and PHO exports available to submit the monthly data for reporting.

Appointment reminder service exports are available to automate the submission of the schedule to the reminder service.

Electronic statements for patients is available to use a statement service to print and mail your statements. We reduce the amount of patient statements with holds when claims are filed, claim paid removes hold, and balance due is submitted to patient. If a secondary claim is filed or crossed over, the claim goes back on hold. These are soft holds and fall off after a specified period. A pre-statement report allows you to review the possible statements before printing.


The system has over 200 reports depending on what you need to extract or analyze. If a report is not in the system we will add it to the system in a future update to provide that capability in the system.

Integration with Microsoft Word for merge letters from the patient, visit, and reports.

Integration with Microsoft Excel for advanced reporting from any report in the system.


The CPT, HCPCS, and ICD codes are updated in the system each year. ICD codes are delivered in September for the following year for DOS 10/1. CPT and HCPCS codes are delivered in December. ICD-10 codes are ready to go. RVU reporting features are available


Interface our system to your EMR for patient demographics and appointments. Never enter the patient twice in two different systems. Interface your EMR back into RSL to deliver charges. The charge is delivered to an inbox. Create the patient charge from the inbox and review before the claim leaves the system.

Data Conversions

We have the ability to convert from many systems and many formats. If your system can be converted, we have a plan that we follow to test the conversion before going live with you and your staff to ensure that the conversion will be smooth.

Our conversions have a feature to bring over data after you go into production. This way if a field was used for a comment, indicator, or some other internal practice reason we can go back and bring it over.